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5 x 109/L; Hemoglobin ≥ 9. Our mission is to produce the highest quality, most consistent and reliable source of bulk hemp-derived broad spectrum THC-free CBD distillate and CBD isolate for B2B, manufacturer and pharmacology clients. linkedequipment. The HAL Extraction Booth was designed and engineered from the ground up as cost effective  Oct 17, 2018 The terms C1D1, CID1, Class I, Division 1 get thrown around quite a bit in the extraction industry, but what does it mean, and to what does it  Extraction Labs and Growrooms including Design Plans for Cannabis. Now - it wasn't one of the self-contained units that are listed and brought in all fully assembled. c1d1 extraction lab. Worker safety should never be a guessing game. Solid-state transfer circuit with (defeatable) 15-minute time delay circuit on retransfer to utility supply. If you need a set of chemical storage guidelines meet OSHA and safety needs in your lab, school, manufacturing or storage facility, this page should provide the template you need. I did another extraction lab (plan review) today and it had a UL listing, and it was that category. The first major expense will be the cost of a building. World’s Largest Cannabis Real Estate Marketplace. Since 2014, Linked Equipment has supplied the cannabis industry with portable, expandable, plug-and-play C1D1 extraction buildings, grow pods, vaults, and more. STARC Systems Improve Patient and Employee Satisfaction. C1D1 Labs LLC Presents: A Los Angeles Knowledge Session With special guests Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI), Future4200, and a California Fire Marshal / PE Fire Protection Engineer. We design systems to meet any Hydrocarbon C1D1, CO2, Multi-Zone extraction needs. Start Your Cannabis Cultivation Or Extraction Lab Business With Our Turnkey, State-Of-The-Art, Container Grow Pod Or C1D1 Extraction Labs We convert steel shipping containers into turnkey hash oil extraction labs and sealed cannabis grow pods complete with LED lighting , watering systems, HVAC, video monitoring, and electronics. Our portable C1D1 cannabis extraction labs are the perfect combination of safety & design - converted shipping containers are static and spark resistant. 119 Orion Street, Brunswick, ME, USA. The prebuilts run from $44k - $100k, but can cost more. We believe hydrocarbon extraction process handles cannabinoids and terpenes gently, allowing the best transfer of these properties to capture the essence of the full plant. The new standalone iSolERA Manual Data Entry system allows direct input from operations, engineering, third party consultants or data entry clerks and will synchronize the data back to any required databases. Many vendors to choose from! Ethanol is a tried and true solvent that's been used for centuries to craft tinctures, essential oils, and similar substances. A knowledge session with the Cannabis Industry’s extraction and distillation experts. The HAL Extraction Booth is the First Fully UL Certified Extraction Booth on the market. At Next 1 Labs, we own the farm, the state-of-the-art lab, and the processing – allowing us to cut out the middleman and bring you the best quality products at the best prices in Colorado. In electrical engineering, hazardous locations are defined as places where fire or explosion . THC Safety is pleased to present the Turn-Key Cannabis Extraction Room (CER) Kit! Pre-engineered and shipped directly to you with ALL the necessary components to have a functioning, compliant Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) or Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) work space designed specifically for Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Ethanol/Solvent Extraction. Depending on your current site, you can have significant research or production expansion in a matter of weeks. Podtronix provides custom-built C1D1 Extraction Labs, Multi-Zone/Modular Cannabis Extraction Lab Pods, Grow Rooms, Curing Rooms, and more. The STARC containment system segregates the noise and dust of renovations, so you can continue with your critical work without disruption. iSolERA MDE has a web interface, and a secure powerful database to store your sensitive data. Bloom Farms California. Our West Virginia processing facility and lab is built in a state-of-the-art C1D1 classified facility, equipped with custom developed high volume proprietary ethanol extraction, polarization chiller, evaporation and chromatography equipment. Bao Le. Drawing from more than 15,000 unique components, already designed, and adding more every day, our Design Specialists are able to put together a solution for even the most unique application requirements. Knowing what the standards, rules and codes have to say on the exhaust can come in handy if you’re experiencing odors in the lab or if you’re considering a renovation or new facility. Includes a fully automatic constant voltage, current limited charger with transformer isolation and low voltage battery disconnect. Hi everyone, we are looking to build a C1D1 Room. 2. Did we miss a company that is currently distributing pods for the PAX Era? Let us know in the comments! Every Workplace workstation is custom-configured by our Design Specialists to meet your exact requirements. C1D1 Labs LLC also has all of our extraction rooms PSI peer reviewed to ensure approval by your local fire department. Though it's fallen out of favor in recent years, new technologies and LABORATORY FUME HOOD CONTROL SYSTEMS Part I - General A. Utilizing direct cooling, the ethanol exchanges heat with the refrigerant in a single stage cooling system. Most safety certified lights use lower lumens to minimize heat generated by the lamp module. Contact extraktLAB. Tech. Actually, most manufacturers would define an EP hood as one that is modified to eliminate spark potential outside the fume hood, and consequently reduce the chances of igniting a flammable atmosphere. The Lab Colorado. Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers: Terra Universal’s complete line of laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, and combination refrigerator/freezers are designed for many sample types, including hazardous and explosive materials. The C1D1 Extraction Lab Pod Innovative engineering and a creative approach can improve on standard concepts, sometimes with dramatic results. UL is an approved test laboratory and certification body for various IECEx programs. Advanced Search. • All Cannabis Pro Systems Extraction Labs are built from durable high-cube ISO shipping containers • Entry doors are manufactured out of high strength steel with panic-bar and an optional observation window. . That is why Dano Keys created FlexMOD. All HEMCO fume hoods are constructed of a highly corrosion resistant composite resin designed to outlast standard painted metal fume hoods. Laboratory Freezers (-20/-30) Laboratory Freezers offer a reliable cold storage solution for sensitive samples requiring stable temperatures of -20°C or -30°C. C1d1 lab. C1D1 Labs LLC is focused on delivering services and products to the C1D1 Labs LLC also has all of our extraction rooms PSI peer reviewed to ensure  HAL Extraction UL Certification C1D1 Lab Extraction Booth Room. Market your cannabis  it doesn't even touch on the extraction labs (electrical) which is the most dangerous part. Residential type refrigerators are not rated by the manufacturer for flammable liquid storage or processing. com Manufactured in the US, Kenall light fixtures provide advanced solutions for a variety of industries, including correctional, healthcare, clean room, and more. By Linked Equipment  Laboratory Planning Solutions, Laboratory Fume Hoods, Furniture, Enclosures and and be moved through standard lab entry doors for easy on site assembly. You can process 5-20L of material within 1 to 2 hours. JUNE 29TH IS SOLD OUT - TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THE JULY 20TH CLASS STARTING ON JULY 1ST. Each booth is designed Class 1 Division 1, Group D and can be used for both C1D1 Explosion Proof Light Fixtures for Laboratories and Clean Rooms C1D1 Labs LLC Presents: A Las Vegas Knowledge Session With special guests Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI), Future4200, and Murphy Murri. Lab Ventilation ACH Rates Standards and Guidelines January 3, 2012 White Paper Series Page 2 1. Certified. FlexLab-CO2 Is this non-combustible lab configuration, you have the benefit of a clean room environment combined with safety features to limit exposure to excessive CO2. Home » 420 Listings » Fully licensed C1D1 Extraction Lab in Maine for sale. Phase 1: Fresh air flows into the Lab from the make-up air unit and is pulled out by the 800 CFM fan to maintain constant airflow to prevent gas build-up. The Price. Gain a better understanding of IECEx certification, how it compares to ATEX  Dec 22, 2017 Lab, Laboratory of Oncogenomics. Learn more here. Guidelines for Safe Chemical Storage. Designed and built to meet all Building and Fire Codes including OSHA and Health & Safety Regulations. Both our MINIFECTA and TRIFECTA systems have been peer-reviewed by PSI, are ASME compliant, and ready for use in a C1D1 certified lab in the following states: AZ, CA, CO, MA, MD, MI, NV, OH, OR, PA, WA I am looking to set up a processing lab and it’s been hard deciphering rosy sales pitches from truth. Oregrown and EVOLVD Oregon. HavelickIndustrialHygiene. Patients may be transfused (> 2 weeks before C1D1) to meet this criterion. Matrix Nevada. C1D1 EXTRACTION LABS FlexLAB - C2D2 Wind Tunnel This lab accommodates multiple working environments because the entire unit is a Class 1 environment. Both our MINIFECTA and TRIFECTA systems have been peer-reviewed by PSI, are ASME compliant, and ready for use in a C1D1 certified lab in the following states: AZ, CA, CO, MA, MD, MI, NV, OH, OR, PA, WA Eurofins MET Labs is a global leader in regulatory compliance testing & certification | EMC Environmental Telecom Wireless Product Safety NEBS RFID NRT 45 foot C1D1 lab with post extraction room and mill room. Guild California. C1D1 extraction labs by FlexMod Solutions benefits of a clean room environment combined with safety features perfect lab for large-scale cannabis operation. System shall include, but not be limited to, control panels, supply variable air volume boxes, Plugs & Receptacles Visual & Audible Signaling Devices Rugged construction, extensive configurations, custom capabilities and numerous interlocked designs provide reliable NEC and IEC solutions for fixed or portable power applications. We have to build out a 600 sq ft lab room for an extraction company. Each booth is designed Class 1 Division 1, Group D and can be used for both hydrocarbon or ethanol extraction. But here we will consider only two: ethanol and supercritical CO2 extraction. The exact temperature value determined depends on the laboratory test conditions and apparatus. In a C1D1 location, ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors may exist under normal operating conditions, or because of repair, maintenance, or a leak. 1. Getting Started Step one, read the Community Guidelines If this is your first visit, use the Search Bar Make sure to modify your personal settings by clicking on your profile pic top right corner, and selecting the … A safe and compliant space to make cannabis concentrates is not something you just go to Home Depot and pick up. D1 D1. Since a C1D1 lab by definition is a hazardous work area, it is important to confirm that the environment is safe to enter, before you enter. I have been looking at some prebuilt rooms and have been considering building one ourselves. com/c1d1-extraction-lab/. 0 Introduction This document provides an overview of current US and European design practices, standards, and regulations regarding laboratory air change rate minimums for dilution ventilation. We understand one size fits all does not always work. Sound attenuating panels reduce renovation noise by up to 50%. Get tickets for the upcoming CRC/Inline Chromatography Class event at Private C1D1 Lab in Commerce City on June 29, 2019. Feb 26, 2018 Staffing will consist of 8 extraction professionals including 1 lab manager, 1 . Staring with a single-use steel container, Agronomic Pods’ fabricates extraction labs that meet stringent spark-free C1D1 strandards with infrared gas detection and negative pressure ventilation that can exchange the lab’s entire volume of air every minute, evacuating butane gas should it accumulate in any quantity. Temperature . A common misunderstanding of EP hoods is that they are designed to contain an explosion. The most advanced cooling solution for professional to industrial level essential oil extraction. #c1d1 #extractionlab #marijuanagrowers #cannabis. C1d1 lab Case Study: A Typical 2,000 Square Foot Lab *This example assumes startup costs and ROI of a typical 2,000 square foot lab utilizing Precision® Extraction equipment (with 9 times the processing efficiency at half the cost of comparable CO2 systems). 0 Executive Summary About Us. Occupying a total of 22,000 square feet, Kase utilizes the highest-quality machinery and lab equipment available today and is operated by award-winning extractors who consistently produce industry best cannabis oils and distillate. Street address, Strada Prov. Key Specifications. GSM1366951, RCa0001. Our award-winning line of products begins directly with flower cultivated in our personal gardens with our concentrate products in mind. Purchase, rent, sell mobile labs of any size. This information is not intended to create 5902 McIntyre Street May 2016 Rev. They also may exist because of a breakdown, or faulty operation may release ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors. That’s some of the fastest processing on the market today. See NFPA 45 for further information regarding refrigerators used for flammable liquid storage. C1D1 combination extraction lab get two labs in one unit built to be spark-proof and blast-proof to meet hazardous area requirements safe and compliant. C1D2 Series Wet Location Emergency Lighting Units Electronics Dual voltage input of 120/277VAC, 60 Hz. Pop Up Labs - Early Childhood, Pop Up Labs - Elementary, Pop Up Labs - Middle Light Painting Lab Build a LED paintbrush, freeze time, become invisible and give yourself super powers In electrical engineering, hazardous locations (sometimes abbreviated to HazLoc, pronounced Haz·Lōk) are defined as places where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable gases, flammable liquid–produced vapors, combustible liquid–produced vapors, combustible dusts, or ignitable fibers/flyings present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures. There are multiple options for sensor location depending on jurisdictional requirements. The FlexMOD team understands what it takes to design & build world-class cultivation facilities. This C1D1 explosion proof FlexLAB design includes a 3 phase safety process. Safe chemical handling requires routine inspections of chemical storage areas and maintenance of stringent inventory control. Our modular hydrocarbon, Class 1 Division 1 Cannabis extraction labs. Blood chemistry tests are often ordered prior to surgery or a procedure to examine the general health of a patient. This external monitor displays critical atmospheric and environmental data, providing workers a digital readout of the current status of the lab environment. B. This blood test, commonly referred to as a Chem 7 because it looks at 7 different substances found in the blood, is one of several tests that are routinely performed after surgery to make sure the patient is well in the days following surgery. Butane and Solvent Extraction Room Lighting and Equipment 20 July, 11:00 AM - Private C1D1 Lab - Private C1D1 Lab - Colorado - Lab Class - CRC & Inline vs Post Processing Chromatography for use with non polar solvents, specifically N-Butane Fully licensed C1D1 Extraction Lab in Maine for sale. To get your local dispensary to carry PAX Pods ask them to contact their local processors and/or PAX to find out how. A wide variety of lab and R&D workstations and furniture from Workplace Modular Systems enhances productivity via spacious worksurfaces and secure storage. The result is a dimmer light and unsafe work areas. Our fire marshal approved, C1D1 extraction lab meets all state and local regulatory requirements. I will add https://flexmod. No hassle and loss of efficiency dealing with a coolant being pumped in and out of your C1D2 control area. All projects start with an on-site analysis for needs and requirements to determine a cost-effective modular lab solution. www. Shop online at LabX to find a wide variety of new and used laboratory equipment, and related Cannabis Extraction equipment for sale. Grainger supplies tips on using the proper equipment and safety gear for different classes, divisions, and groups of hazardous locations. FlexMOD clients benefit from our industry expertise, comprehensive research, streamlined process Hazardous Areas Classification - European Standard - European hazardous area classification in zones, protection types, temperature codes and codes; IP - Ingress Protection Rating - IP - Ingress Protection rating is used to specify the environmental protection - or electrical enclosure - of electrical equipment C1D1, which stands for Class I, Division 1, is part of an area classification system used by companies and municipalities in the United States. c1. is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most cost effective C1D1 BHO Extraction Rooms availiable. 0 g/dL. Labconco's Laboratory Chemical Fume Hoods and Enclosures are offered in Protector Premier, XStream, XL, ClassMate, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, PVC, benchtop and floor-mount laboratory fume hood. Chamber Size: 3 cubic feet. An Industrial Hygiene Perspective installation or compliance. We can develop a custom manufacturing plan that allows your operation to produce the highest quality product that elevates your brand to a top-shelf supplier of oil based goods. C1D1 & CO2 Extraction Labs • Dispensary & Retail Design • Kitchen & Bakery Design • Processing/Packaging/Shipping Facilities • Irrigation, Reverse Osmosis   Because the Golliath recovery pumps are C1D1 compliant pneumatically To keep the extraction process efficient and running cool we recommend a lab chiller  Mar 9, 2013 We receive many requests from customers for explosion-proof (EP) fume hoods. Le talk about Product Overview: Pelican 9455 C1D1 Safety Certified Remote Area Light. In this very insightful episode, the iC team visits BAS Research, California's first licensed medical cannabis manufacturing & research group led by CEO Dr. C1D1 and C1D2 are part of a broader group of safety classification  May 29, 2019 Linked Equipment Provides Compliant C1D1 and C1D2 Extraction Laboratories to the Marijuana and Hemp Industries. / Archives for c1d1 extraction lab. Kase is licensed to operate in the areas of cultivation, to extraction and distribution in the State of California. Safety, security and meets code requirements. 5 Year Warranty on all UL 1805 UniFlow Fume Hoods. You can roll the whole station around like a If you operate a chemical laboratory as defined in Washington Administrative Code 296-828, Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories, you must have standard operating procedures (SOPs) that describe the safety measures you require when using chemicals. 2S. More specifically, this is why FlexMOD Converted Containers is dedicated to providing expertly finished shipping containers and plug-and-go pods for business and residential uses. Sort By: Business Name i ama s. For quick turnaround, Starrco provides customers with industry-leading design, construction, and quality. Since 2011, Linked Equipment has created facilities ranging from labs to kitchens, worker housing to clean rooms for the government, military and private sector use. It sounds simple, but to do it well, to do it right, takes real effort and skill. within the C1D1 space. Search 1000's of available cannabis property and business listings for sale or lease. Here's what I know so far: Each room must have: The C1D1 lab built for Desert Rose Dispensary meets all required safety standards. Mar 30, 2016 electrical components, a National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) listing is also required in addition to the engineering report certifying  World's Largest Cannabis Real Estate Marketplace. The required componets to meet Fire Code, Osha, Health and Safety Codes and State and Local Building Codes are incorporated into every C1D1 Extraction Room design. Below you will find both auto & manual defrost lab freezers in a variety of sizes including benchtop & undercounter to larger upright units for applications including general lab storage, blood storage, and hazardous material storage. The cleanest pumps for the most powerful extraction systems. The installation process is quick and quiet. Eventbrite - C1D1 Labs LLC presents Lab Compliance and Technique (C1D1 Labs - PSI - California Fire Marshal / PE Fire Protection Engineer - Future4200) - Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 833 S Spring St Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA. Iced. com Disclaimer It is not the intention of Havelick & Once the transition of LVV distribution resources onto Nabis' platform is complete, LVV plans to repurpose a portion of our internal space used for distribution and move forward with our plan to Start growing the same day as delivery! Each CannaBox Container come fully outfitted with custom equipment based on the client's wants/need. Alpine Technical Services, LLC (ATS) (Alpine), is an innovator and premier specialty chemical solution provider for customers in the oil and gas industry and water and wastewater treatment plant segments as well as global in-country, large-scale clean water and pollution-mitigation waterway projects. At Converted Containers, we work with you to engineer robust, weatherproof shipping containers into customized offices, storage rooms, freezers, living quarters, shower/restroom facilities, vaults, and more. Harness the power of direct refrigerant cooling inside the lab, while the heat is removed and exhausted outside of the building. ➢ Booth or hood shall have interlocking features. Lab Freezer, -80 Freezer, Medical Freezer, Low Temperature Freezer, Ultra Cold Freezer, Super Cold Freezer, Industrial Freezer, Ultra Cold Chest Freezer, Custom Build Freezers, Adhesive Storage, Culture Freezer, Stem Cell Freezers, Scientemp Freezers They sure are. Get tickets for the upcoming CRC/Inline Chromatography Class event at Private C1D1 Lab in Commerce City. Gas Detection and Alarms Each extraction room includes a fixed C1D1 LEL (Flammable Gas) Sensor/Transmitter. Features: Uncompromising Output. Such temperatures for common substances are:  Find a mobile laboratory and other laboratory equipment for sale and auction at LabX. Everything fits in one place. They use Ethanol and Alcohol as solvents in processing, so the room has to be up to Class 1 Division 1 code. Hydrocarbon seems like a good investment but it shines with good flower and a C1D1 lab which is expensive, ethanol seems like the long run of choice (plus a more consumer friendly solvent), and co2 seems like expensive but precise. 1 ©Havelick & Associates LLC Havelick & Associates LLC Golden, CO 80403 (720) 316-6714 Linn@HavelickIndustrialHygiene. We are in California. 710 Labs is the turnkey solution for production-efficient, code compliant and C1D1 Rooms for BHO Extraction • ISO Rated Clean Rooms for CO2 Extraction. I10. What factors contribute to a cannabis extraction lab’s operating expenses? There are several extraction methods that are popular, and some of the larger businesses use more than one method, depending on what they are manufacturing. This was one that is field installed, however the end product had the mark. Take a Cannabis C1D1 THC Extraction Lab and put it in an ISO High-Cube shipping container. The Pelican™ 9455 RALS delivers on all cylinders without compromise. A control box connects the sensor/transmitter to a C1D1 Horn and Strobe set to alarm at 20% of the Lower Volatile flammable liquids or flammable gases are handled, processed or used, but the hazardous liquids, vapors or gases will normally be confined within closed containers or closed systems from which they can escape only in the event of accidental rupture or breakdown of such containers or systems, or as a result of abnormal operation of equipment. GSM1366953, RCa0002. Xpanse Inc. Securing a Property/Lease. D1  Extraction machine has to be in C1D1 booth or lab hood. offers complete design/build services. The Good. The HAL Extraction Booth and C1D2 Hood also have Engineering Peer Reviews for over 15 States. Basically my understanding is: Lighting needs to be explosion proof Metal framing Xpanse Inc. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s Since 2011, Linked Equipment has created facilities ranging from labs to kitchens, worker housing to clean rooms for the government, military and private sector use. Brandon and Dr. com www. Provide a complete system for the variable air volume or constant air volume control of Laboratories and fume hoods. Extrakt Lab has Super Critical CO2 extraction machines that process large amounts of material for industrial uses. The Lab’s wholesale line of products can be found in nearly every dispensary across the great state of Colorado. Adequate hematologic and end-organ function, defined by the following laboratory test results, obtained within 7 days prior to C1D1: Bone marrow (without transfusion within 2 weeks before C1D1) WBC ≥ 2. -80 freezer, -80 lab freezer, -70 lab freezer, -80 counter top freezer, Ultra Cold Chest Freezer, Medical Freezer, low temperature freezer, below zero freezer Master Vapor Pumps. The facility C1D1 rooms are built in accordance with NFPA code  Nov 2, 2018 Desert Rose utilizes a custom-built C1D1 lab for cannabis extraction. The 710 Team can support your business goals by providing experienced, professional insight to ensure your extraction lab process is configured to maximize profits. • Flooring will be high-quality Armstrong Linoleum. HAL Extraction has 10 different models and is the only C1D1 Lab, Room, or Booth to be UL Certified for Hydrocarbon Extraction in all 50 States. Blue Sky's mission is to provide high terpene, full spectrum, bud-run extraction. 3S. “Lab-Safe” or “Flammable Safe” rated refrigerator/freezer must be used. It is properly ventilated and uses full hydrocarbon sensors and oxygen deficiency sensors to detect the presence of combustible, flammable or toxic gas in order to ensure operator safety. Ancillary & Post-Processing Equipment – Made with Precision® With the world’s best ancillary and post-processing extraction equipment, Precision® is the most trusted brand in extraction. Customers often think that if they are working with a flammable  This industrial safety oven is also useful in laboratories that require a variety of product loads. The system is defined by the National Electric Code (NEC) as enumerated by the National Fire Protection Association, Publication 70 (NFPA 70). I have been told that we can probably build one ourselves for around $20k. Spending the few extra dollars on the C1D1 VS C1D2 electrical equipment is worth the extra cost. The West Virginia facility is operated under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and is ISO 9001 certified. Search 1,000’s of available cannabis property and business listings for sale or lease. HAL Extraction provides the safest C1D1 and C1D2 Extraction solutions. Eventbrite - Murphy Murri presents CRC/Inline Chromatography Class - Saturday, June 29, 2019 | Saturday, July 20, 2019 at Private C1D1 Lab, Commerce City, Colorado. Market your cannabis property or business. 100% plug and play! #cannabiscommunity #cannabis #marijuana #innovation #entrepreneurship #cannaboxcontainers Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Cannabis C1D1 THC Extraction Lab. Safety, regulatory compliance, and traceability are core to our mission to deliver the highest quality extracts. Find event and ticket information. ➢ Shall have gas monitoring set to 25% LEL/LFL. We are NOT a reseller, and produce all of our product in-house at our state-of-the-art, C1D1, and ISO9001 lab facility located in West Lab personnel rarely crawl up onto the roof to check out their exhaust fans and stacks. C1D1 Labs LLC also has all of our extraction rooms PSI peer reviewed to ensure approval by your local fire department. c1d1 lab

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